You must have heard of the infamous Jameson Whiskey, the Premium Irish Whiskey brand. However, there are plenty of options for beginners to choose from when it comes to whiskies. If you see the study record, you will notice that Irish Whiskies have been gaining momentum over the years.

Many more people are trying Irish whiskies; its demand and the need to learn the right way of trying them is also on the rise. The basic question everyone looking to try Irish whiskies has ‘where to start?’

The common answer for most people is to try the best and most famous known brand in the market and take it from there on.

Before fitting the pedal with the most recognised brand in the market, go through the list below to know everything for beginners.

1- Choose a whiskey with a smooth finish

Irish whiskey is so popular because it gives less burn than other types of whiskies. For a whiskey beginner, choosing an option with a smooth and silky finish is much more ideal. That is the first consideration you must look at.

Many first-timers have shared their experience, saying the first try feels quite delicate in the mouth rather than harsh as usually expected.  

2- Don’t feel like you must buy an expensive one

Universally, there’s a direct correlation between quality and price. However, this doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality factor if you purchase Irish whiskey priced below $20 for each bottle.

Irish whiskies have been popular in the alcohol industry because of their quality pricing no relation. The blend always feels aromatic and flavourful, no matter the pricing.

The best choices to try below the price range that provide top-notch quality are 2 Gingers and Clontarf. 

3- Try one single malt whiskey

Try one single malt whiskey, and the top name on the list when you try malt whiskies is Bushmills. For a beginner, you must try Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10-year-old.

The price of this whiskey is moderate. It is widely available and comes with a rich flavour. The flavour is a mixture of Milk chocolate, vanilla and rich aromas of honey. There’s just flavour and no burn to the whiskey.

For beginners, single malt whiskies are easier to adapt and enjoy.

Last Remark

For a beginner, these are the tips you must go forward with to enhance the feel of trying Irish whiskies for life.

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